Outsourced Investment Research Services

Advance Capital Management’s (ACM) Outsourced Services are a discretionary investment program which offer implemented (discretionary) portfolios to clients. This service can be offered in a full Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) structure, or in an a-la-carte manner where the client determines which types of research and deliverables to receive from ACM.

For many institutional investors, entering into a relationship with an OCIO can result in timely asset allocation and manager decisions, professional advice and economies of scale that you would not have access to otherwise. We free up your valuable time so you can focus on making strategic decisions and achieving long-term organizational goals.

How we're different

Advance Capital Management delivers a discretionary, multi-manager approach that is:

  • Flexible: Your needs are unique. That's why it's important to have flexibility when building your investment strategy. We’re focused on your success and unique financial goals. We understand your organization and look for investment opportunities that make sense for you, while quantifying risks across your entire portfolio.
  • Results Driven: Our portfolios are designed to deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns. We believe the diversification of asset classes, investment styles, and strategies allows for the greatest probability of achieving superior risk-adjusted results
  • Established: Advance Capital Management provides more than 30 years’ experience, currently managing $2.6 billion in assets.
  • Independent: Advance Capital is an independent investment firm, which gives us the freedom to locate and provide access to investments in each asset class that best meet our qualifications. This allows us to better understand each client’s needs and strive to provide the best investment options to help them achieve specific goals and plans.
  • Transparent: Our performance results adhere to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) and have received GIPS verification.

Outsourced Investment Management Services

Here are the available services you can take advantage of with ACM's OCIO program:

  • Investment Policy Statement Review and Construction
  • Asset Allocation Studies
  • Investment Manager Search and Selection
  • Performance Measurement Reporting
  • Investment Fiduciary Oversight
  • Comprehensive Quarterly Investment Research Packet
  • Managed Allocation Portfolio Strategies (MAPS) Models

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Core Values

The ACM Investment Team is dedicated to understanding the world and seeking knowledge through research, objectivity and diligence. We provide expert investment advice to our clients by understanding their needs and long-term objectives.

Investment Philosophy

ACM Investment team philosophy is driven by these core tenets:

  • Diligent understanding of what drives the economy and capital markets
  • Capitalize on relative valuation mispricing across asset classes
  • In depth manager research and comprehensive understanding of their style, team and process
  • Diversification of asset classes, investment styles, and strategies allows for the greatest probability of achieving superior risk-adjusted results
  • Continuously challenging our beliefs and existing market views