Discretionary Model Portfolios

Advance Capital Management’s (ACM) Managed Allocation Portfolio Strategies (MAPS) are a discretionary investment program which offer model portfolios to third parties who serve as financial intermediaries and/or platform providers to clients. The ACM research team is responsible for the management of the models. The models are geared towards financial advisors and seek to add value through dynamic asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management throughout the process.


Choice and flexibility

We design, construct and manage model portfolios for your investors. Our model portfolios are available on many adviser platforms, including Envestnet and TD Ameritrade. Models available include:

Our Model Attributes:

  • Long-term strategic focus
  • Managed to mitigate downside risk
  • Mutual funds and ETFs
  • 5-year plus track record
  • GIPS verified*
  • Morningstar-rated

Support for Advisers

We do the hard research, vet the investment managers and then put our best ideas into our models. Essentially, we do what you would do if you had more time!

We support our advisers with additional quarterly insights, market commentary and other content created to explain the value of our models to your investors.

Our investment expertise and support are available to you at all times and will help you stay up-to-date and confident that you are servicing your clients and growing your business.

A compliant, transparent investment process

Most importantly, our models are backed by a knowledgeable and highly-credentialed team that maintains a rigorous investment process to help the ACM models meet the investing goals of your clients. Learn more about our seven-step investment process.

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Core Values

The ACM Investment Team is dedicated to understanding the world and seeking knowledge through research, objectivity and diligence. We provide expert investment advice to our clients by understanding their needs and long-term objectives.

Investment Philosophy

ACM Investment team philosophy is driven by these core tenets:

  • Diligent understanding of what drives the economy and capital markets
  • Capitalize on relative valuation mispricing across asset classes
  • In depth manager research and comprehensive understanding of their style, team and process
  • Diversification of asset classes, investment styles, and strategies allows for the greatest probability of achieving superior risk-adjusted results
  • Continuously challenging our beliefs and existing market views

*Advance Capital Management, Inc. was established in 1986 and is an SEC registered investment adviser. The firm provides investment advice to many types of clients including individuals, investment advisers, investment companies, pension, profit sharing and other forms of retirement plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations and corporations. The firm is owned by Advance Capital Group, Inc.

Advance Capital Management, Inc. claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).

To receive a list of composite descriptions of Advance Capital Management, Inc. and/or a presentation that complies with the GIPS standards, contact Chris Kostiz at (800) 345-4783 or email ckostiz @ acadviser.com.