Investment Consulting Services

Advance Capital Management’s (ACM) Investment Consulting is the non-discretionary delivery of our research services directly to institutional client portfolios. ACM acts in a capacity to make recommendations based on our research and assists in execution based on direction from the client. Our consulting services deliver fully customizable portfolios based on our best ideas. Our role is to work with your committee to provide the data you need to make an informed decision.

You Maintain Control

If your organization wants to maintain control of the investment process, but is looking for outside research and recommendations, our traditional investment consulting services are right for you. We work closely with you to determine the degree of participation you wish to maintain and develop a customized plan from there. We offer extensive research, manager selection, due diligence, compliance and asset allocation recommendations. If you choose to have ACM perform non-discretionary investment management, trades are discussed and approved by you before taking place.

Consulting Services

Here are the available services you can take advantage of with ACM's consulting rogram:

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Review and Construction
  • Asset Allocation Studies, Monitoring and Implementation
  • Investment Manager Search and Selection
  • Portfolio Structure Review and Construction
  • Performance Measurement Reporting
  • Investment Management Fee Review
  • Investment Fiduciary Oversight
  • Custodian Review, Searches, and Recommendations
  • Ongoing Committee Research and Education on Investment Issues

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Core Values

The ACM Investment Team is dedicated to understanding the world and seeking knowledge through research, objectivity and diligence. We provide expert investment advice to our clients by understanding their needs and long-term objectives.

Investment Philosophy

ACM Investment team philosophy is driven by these core tenets:

  • Diligent understanding of what drives the economy and capital markets
  • Capitalize on relative valuation mispricing across asset classes
  • In depth manager research and comprehensive understanding of their style, team and process
  • Diversification of asset classes, investment styles, and strategies allows for the greatest probability of achieving superior risk-adjusted results
  • Continuously challenging our beliefs and existing market views