We’re Built on Reliability

More than 30 years of personalized financial management services

Advance Capital Management was founded in 1986 by three former executives of the Bell System (now AT&T) to help other Bell employees. What started as financial advice and counsel to colleagues has grown into a robust investment management and retirement planning firm, with over $3.5 billion assets under management and over 5,500 investment advisory clients. Our initial goal remains: deliver specialized investment management service to meet the financial needs of individual and institutional investors.

Our investment team is comprised of seasoned experts in various areas of specialization. We are all dedicated to providing our expertise and resources to help individual and institutional investors meet their unique long-term financial goals.

Committed to serving all investment needs

Our focus is always to provide the expertise and resources to help clients meet their specific long-term goals. That’s why we offer discretionary accounts, diversified model portfolios and comprehensive investment management services.

Research-Driven Investing

Independent asset management without bias


Advance Capital is an independent investment firm, which gives us the freedom to locate and provide access to investments in each asset class that best meet our qualifications. This allows us to better understand each client’s needs and strive to provide the best investment options to help them achieve specific goals and plans.

Diligent investment research and monitoring

Our team utilizes its expertise and an objective, disciplined research process to locate who we believe are some of the top managers from around the world. We select only those that satisfy rigorous specifications for experience, performance, quality and cost. We constantly monitor and review the performance of our portfolios and the funds within to ensure they are capable of meeting our clients’ needs.

Advance Capital Management, Inc. was established in 1986 and is an SEC registered investment adviser. The firm provides investment advice to many types of clients including individuals, investment advisers, investment companies, pension, profit sharing and other forms of retirement plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations and corporations. The firm is owned by Advance Capital Group, Inc.

Advance Capital Management, Inc. claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).
To receive a list of composite descriptions of Advance Capital Management, Inc. and/or a presentation that complies with the GIPS standards, contact Chris Kostiz at (800) 345-4783 or email ckostiz @ acadviser.com.


Performance always matters

A core tenet in our approach to investing is that the diversification of asset classes, investment styles and strategies allows for the greatest probability of achieving superior risk-adjusted results. Another is transparency. Our performance results adhere to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) and have received GIPS verification.