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The Latest Market Insights 2021-Q3

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings,” is a famous and appropriate quote relevant to today’s economic and social environment. Although we desperately try to move on from the pandemic, we are constantly reminded of its grip on our lives. Cases are stubbornly rising again in many parts of the country, particularly among the unvaccinated, and we are still counting deaths, a realization that seems unfathomable this far into the crisis. Still, the economy has roared back to life, with tremendous help from the government and Federal Reserve. Collectively, we are settling into our new reality with a bit more clarity and appreciation for what lies ahead. Our world has been forever altered because of this experience. Hopefully, for the better. Already these changes have had a profound impact on our lives, including how we work, shop, learn and use technology. Not to mention, the adoption of new safety and cleanliness protocols throughout our businesses, schools and entertainment venues. Dramatic changes in life tend come with newfound opportunities, and we are starting to witness this in both the economy and capital markets.

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