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The Latest Market Insights 2020-Q4

What an unbelievable year! It is hard to imagine that just one
year ago was the first time we heard the term coronavirus. The
cascading events that ensued changed nearly every aspect of
our lives: wearing masks, working from home, and ordering
nearly everything online. Yet, the ingenuity and determination
of our society to confront and change our dire circumstances
was truly impressive. Health care workers rose to the challenge
to help those inflicted with the virus. Scientists raced for better
therapeutics and a viable vaccine. The federal government initiated a massive program to provide much needed support for
small businesses along with higher unemployment benefits for
those out of work. At the same time, the Federal Reserve dropped
interest rates to zero and embarked on several new and unprecedented stimulus programs to back-stop the credit markets and provide relief for the beleaguered economy. While not perfect, most people did their part to help quell the spread of the virus and, at the same time, keep the economy from falling into another Great Depression. Today, the economic engine has restarted, and although the virus is still raging, we have developed a vaccine and a sense of “normalcy” appears within reach.

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