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The Latest Market Insights 2020-Q3

After nine months, it remains difficult to find the proper words
to fully express the personal, economic and financial turmoil we
all continue to face in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The
path back to “normal” appears littered with obstacles and the realization
that our lives may be altered forever. While most states
have “reopened,” the new protocols of social distancing and masks
in most public places has left a lasting imprint on our collective
psyche. Many people continue to stay home, working and learning
remotely. The result of which has been the permanent closure
of many local small businesses. Still, through all this chaos, there
is hope. For those stricken with the virus, better treatments are
now available. A vaccine could be available by the new year. From
a financial perspective, the massive and unprecedented monetary
stimulus by the Federal Reserve and government gave a lifeline
to individuals, small businesses and the global financial markets.
Today, while it appears the economy is starting to heal, it is apparent
that the road back to a full recovery will take years.

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