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The Latest Market Insights 2021-Q4

Winston Churchill famously said, “Success is the ability to go from one problem to another without losing enthusiasm.” Too often, we let the steady drumbeat of negativity surrounding us dictate our thoughts, emotions and investment strategy. Today, the constant bombardment of depressing news about Covid, inflation, supply-chain issues, government deficits and partisan politics tends to overshadow many of the positive underlying fundamentals and trends in our economy.

The resiliency of the economy after an unprecedented pandemic-induced shutdown has been nothing short of remarkable. Both the manufacturing and service portions of the economy are above pre-pandemic levels. The nation’s unemployment rate is close to where it was before the Covid outbreak. Wages are rising at their fastest pace in about 20 years. The household debt-to-income ratio is the lowest in at least 40 years. While our response to the pandemic is far from perfect, our collective efforts to preserve our economy and fight through many difficulties has been under-reported and perhaps not fully appreciated.

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