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The Latest Maket Insights 2019-Q3

At times, the investing environment feels like the weather in Michigan. One day, it is cold and rainy; the next, hot and sunny. It can change quickly and unexpectedly, even by the hour. Perhaps this analogy best sums up the gyrations in the capital markets over the past year. For a refresher, the S&P 500 Index fell around 20 percent during the fourth quarter of 2018 amidst heightened trade tensions and rising interest rates. The first quarter of 2019 witnessed a complete reversal when stock prices jumped considerably higher as investors anticipated a resolution to the trade wars and an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve. Throughout the spring and summer, the markets remained volatile and whispers of recession fears began to spread among investors. Then interest rates fell to fresh new lows in early September, after spiking to cyclical highs this time last year. But like sudden changes in weather patterns, the markets did an about-face with stocks heading back to all-time highs and interest rates rising during mid-September. With so much volatility in the capital markets and global economies recently, investors are left scratching their heads and wondering what’s next?

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