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The Latest Maket Insights 2020-Q1

John F. Kennedy once said, “the symbol for crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” Today, we are dealing with the danger; in the future, there will be plenty of opportunities. The crisis from the Coronavirus outbreak on our economy and capital markets are both historic and unprecedented. Never has one event virtually shut down economic activity and altered our daily lives. Not only domestically, but in major developed economies around the world. While the safety of all citizens is the top priority, major sectors of the economy could be severely impacted for months as this global pandemic plays out. It is unclear whether most companies have the financial flexibility to survive. The Federal Reserve (Fed) along with the federal government have taken some action to try and quell the potential financial disaster ahead for both companies and employees, but more action is expected. It is still too early to know whether these actions will be enough to halt the economic and financial market slide.

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